Officers Report

Your officers have been seeking information and guidance from three areas

Redditch Borough Council

There has been an exchange of emails with Emma Baker (Acting Development Plans Manager) who has been very helpful in supplying maps and other information and advice.  Marion and Alan met with her to seek further clarification on the regulations affecting green belt and open countryside plus SSSI, SWS and what plans RBC have for development that may affect the parish.  We have been trying to obtain an up to date list all the residents in the parish.

Sean Arble

The parish clerk has been a great source of help and guidance to your officers via email and phone calls.  As a result we have concluded that we have been ‘putting the cart before the horse’; initially we need to hold an open meeting (to which all parish residents, parish business and other organisation (see Sean’s application for fuller list) have been invited) to hear what they want.  Only after we have determined this do we need to investigate how these wants be met.  One possible approach is to soft pedal on the restraints imposed by green belt etc.  There appears to be no agreement whether the final NDP should be general (i.e. development in on brown field sites where appropriate) or specific (development in Nanny Green’s garden but not in George’s back yard).  Sean has sent us links of useful websites and these have been drawn to your attention where relevant.


We have attempted to firm up quotations but have found the whole process difficult – the jargon impenetrable (eg scoping) and trying to determine what help and assistance we need and they can give.

Other areas

We asked Ian to write a piece for the Feckenham News and would suggested that we should ask a member to act as our press and media officer.  We feel the Working Party is too small and would recommend that we have a target size of 16 so enabling us to setup four small groups to concentrate on separate area.  The Chaddesley Parish Council NDP shows how useful this approach can be. We would recommend we actively approach other residents and business group representatives who can add to our experience and skills.

We have established which local PC adjoin our parish and made initial contract with them.

We have read websites and suggest you might like to go to

We have approached Chaddesley Parish Council Clerk for their experience with a consultant and they have given the link to their final report and made useful comments with a consultant. See the separate email on this. 

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