Archaeology in our Midst!  

English Heritage’s “at risk” officer, Imogen Sandbrook, met with residents on 10th March to talk about conserving and investigating Feckenham’s “Manorial Moated site” – known to most of us as the Recreation Ground!  The site is a scheduled monument and is considered to be at risk because of erosion and unmanaged vegetation.

As a first step, it was suggested that a community group should be formed to apply for funds so that an investigation could be made of what the site contained and what could be done to preserve it.  This would take the form of an extensive geophysical survey.  Although a good deal of research has been done in to the “hunting lodge” on the site, it is thought that the origins of the moats and earthworks could be very much earlier.  The knowledge gained from the survey would hopefully give an idea of what the area would have looked like in different stages in its history – and some form of display could be devised to make people aware of this.

Later in the project, remedial work would be undertaken to manage the trees and shrubs which are currently making the moat and the ramparts of the monument unstable.

A preliminary steering group was informally set up with Jen Clements as Chair, Judy Underwood as Secretary and Alan Jones as Treasurer.


Ian Bellion

For more information, or to get involved in the project, please contact 
Judy Underwood on 01527 894023 or judy.underwood@meadowq.co.uk




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