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The Feckenham Parish Plan


The end of the beginning!

Everyone within the Civil Parish should by now have received a copy of the short version of the Parish Plan, either by hand or through the post.  This document contains the distilled results, and a full version of the Plan can be accessed here on the Website.

Along with the Plan there should also have been a feedback form and prepaid envelope, inviting you to join in making the changes which have been suggested through the consultations and questionnaires that have taken place over the last two years.  Please record your views and provide feedback.


To access The Feckenham Parish Plan please click on the links below:


The Feckenham Parish Plan Extract  (2.4Mb)


The Feckenham Parish Plan  (0.6Mb)

Appendix 1 - The Parish Survey  (1.2Mb)

Appendix 2 - Parish Survey Results  (1.1Mb)

Appendix 3 - Budget Summary  (0.01Mb)

Appendix 4 - Events and Communication  (2.4Mb)

Appendix 5 - Feckenham News Articles  (3.7Mb)

Appendix 6 - Media Clips  2.0Mb)



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