Feckenham Parish Council


Parish Councillors:

Chair A Smith:  01527 893967
Vice Chair Cllr S Arthur:  07860 240331
Cllr I Bellion:  01527 892130
Cllr Q Cary:  01527 893055
Cllr P Dormer:  01527 892960
Cllr E Guise
Cllr H Hammersley
J Bull



Meetings are held in the
Village Hall and commence at 7.30pm prompt

The 2018 schedule is as follows:

Thursday 18 January, for a copy of the Agenda click here
Thursday 15 March, for a cop of the Agenda click here
Thursday 19 April
Thursday 17 May
Thursday 19 July
Thursday 20 September
Thursday 15 November

All meetings are open to the public



Agenda will be posted on notice board by Monday preceding the meeting date



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